After the victory of BJP in Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat, the public is eagerly waiting to see if Bhartiya Janata Party can repeat the victory in Rajasthan like they did in the last elections.

Though BJP is the led government and is currently ruling the Rajasthan state but Rajasthan has a history of giving the power between BJP and Congress on the alternate terms.

If history is going to repeat and Congress will make a comeback in Rajasthan and this would be a big set back for BJP just before General elections 2019.

Now the question remains who is expected to win the Assembly Election of Rajasthan that is to be held in 2018. Rajasthan is going to play a key role as the state is going for a poll just before the grand finance of Lok Sabha elections 2019

BJP or Congress- will win in Rajasthan Assembly Election?

In the recent Rajasthan bye-poll elections 2018 held on 29th January 2018 in Mandalgarh, Ajmer and Alwar Lok Sabha seats of Rajasthan, Congress clearly swept clean BJP as it gain victory beating BJP in all the three seats.

In Ajmer, Raghu Sharma of the Congress won 391,754 votes while BJP’s Ram Swaroop Lamba could only manage to win 313,706 votes. In Alwar, Karan Singh Yadav of Congress defeated Jaswant Singh Yadav of BJP by 1,56,319 votes.

Overall, Congress won two parliamentary seats and one Assembly seat, that is a  massive defeat of ruling party. This has certainly boost the morale of Congress before the 2019 General election.

This seems worrisome for BJP.  BJP who could not form the government in Karnataka, if also let Rajasthan slips away from its hands, 2019 election might not be a cakewalk for BJP as it was looking.

As it happens, Rajput groups are not happy with the Vasundhara Raje’s government. Rajput groups being at majority has jumped on street, doing movements across the states, for not to vote the BJP in the upcoming Rajasthan Elections.

A win in Rajasthan will take Congress a step closer to the 2019 elections and BJP far away from winning the goal.

It has become a agitated situation for BJP as BJP has continuously lost the bye-poll elections in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan.

Before 2019 elections, MP and Rajasthan are going for polls and results of Rajasthan assembly elections and Madhya Pradesh assembly election will play a huge role in 2019.

Now The Rajasthan assembly election will be held for 200 seats.

In the previous elections, Bharatiya Janata Party won a total of 163 seats which was 84 seats more than what they won in the elections before that. While Congress could manage to win only 21 seats, which was 75 seats less than what they won in the elections prior to that.

Now whole nation is looking forward to see if BJP retains the state or will Congress make a surprising comeback in the state.

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