As expected in Karnataka there is a political unrest within congress leaders, for occupying seat in cabinet. Congress and Janata Dal Secular alliance was made in hurry, against BJP, now its facing the consequences.

When the alliance between Congress and JD(S), agreement was made with HD Kumaraswamy’s Janata Dal Secular, that the Congress was to get 22 of the state’s 34 cabinet berths. So far, the Congress has been only able to fill 16 berths, because of the intense competition for a cabinet slot.

For the remaining six berth, the process has stretched into weeks which is the reason for  political unrest. So now Congress leaders have turned to their party leader to make their case in front of leaders.

Several leaders of Karnataka mostly from north Karnataka wrote a note “on the present status of Karnataka Ministry Formation” .

They have used data to make the case that the Congress needs to give greater representation to its lawmakers from the northern part of the state.

“In North Karnataka, INC (Indian National Congress) has won in 41.67% of constituencies, but has got only 12.50% representation in the cabinet whereas, in South Karnataka, INC has won 38.20% but has got 26.47% representation,” reads the note.

“In the entire cabinet, South Karnataka has got 18 ministers whereas North Karnataka has only 8 ministers,” the letter reads. “Further, the Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister, Assembly Speaker and Congress Legislature Party Leader (CLP) all are from South Karnataka. This has created a regional imbalance and injustice to Northern Karnataka and Central Karnataka.”

The note goes on the unsatisfying choices made..

“Mr. Shankar, independent MLA from Kuruba community who has won from Ranebennur as Independent… has been made the minister sacrificing 8 MLAs from the Kuruba community who have won from Congress. This was a planned conspiracy,” it says.

“Mr Shivanand Patil who has come from Janata Dal, later shifted to BJP and now in Congress, who was hobnobbing with BJP and Mr Yeddyurappa until he was made a Minister, in place of Mr MB Patil who is a loyalist and a prominent lingayat leader of the Congress in northern Karnataka,” it further says.

The note goes on to make recommendations for those the Congress could “consider for the Ministry based on seniority, party loyalty, caste and region”.

Top of the list is MB Patil, whose credentials are described thus: “From the  Lingayat community, party loyalist, seniority and North Karnataka region 5 times MLA and one time MP, who is a successful, popular irrigation minister in the previous Congress government.”

Suggesting for ministerial berths, it says, “Mr HK Patil, Reddy community, party loyalist, ex-minister 2 times MLA and 4 times MLC, a senior leader from North Karnataka, OR Mr. Ramalinga Reddy, Reddy community, ex-minister and 7 times MLA senior and loyalist from Bangalore city influential – organizer and his daughter is also an MLA”.